About Us

Buffalo Presbyterian is a church that is built on the foundational and traditional beliefs as defined by scripture.

Buffalo Presbyterian Church is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), which consists of 550 churches with nearly 150,000 members. Our presbytery is the Presbytery of the MidAtlantic. The mission of the EPC is to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus as a denomination of Presbyterian, Reformed, Evangelical, and Missional congregations.

Mission Statement

“The men and women who founded Buffalo Presbyterian Church left us a heritage based on the principles of love, trust, and faith in the one sovereign God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We all stand before God in need of Grace and Redemption. Looking to Christ to bring Hope and Healing, we anticipate each day the ways in which God can utilize his servants.”

Purpose Statement

To strengthen our relationship with God and our church family through worship, study, prayer, fellowship, and outreach.

To witness through example and deed, the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ both to our community and the world.

To strive for unity in the church expressed by love for each other and respect of our diversity.
To welcome into our fellowship all persons who profess faith in Jesus Christ.

To act on God’s call to provide support, direction, and love for children who must grow up, for adults who must grow old, and for all who must live in the world around us.

We all stand before God in need of grace and redemption. Looking to Christ to bring hope and healing, we anticipate each day the ways in which God can use us.